Railway Heritage Trust Plaques

The Railway Heritage Trust supports the provision of plaques for selected locations, where significant works of repair and restoration have been carried out to historic railway premises and structures with the help of grant funding.

The principles of the installation of plaques follow those agreed at the English Heritage Conference, ‘Commemorative Plaques: Celebrating People and Place’ held at the RIBA on 18th-19th February 2010. The basic original design for plaques has been agreed with Network Rail and the text follows the guidance document resulting from the conference.

When the Trust specifies that a plaque is provided it will arrange design, supply and delivery. It will arrange duplicate plaques in Welsh for any supplied in the Principality. It can arrange direct delivery to the site, or to an event arranger for an unveiling ceremony.

The Trust will offer guidance regarding location in an interior space where possible, such as a concourse or booking hall. Display of the plaques may require Listed Building Consent.

The designs comprise two styles:

Circular History Plaque (510mm diameter)

Diagonal Square Acknowledgment Plaque (550mm sides)

The text identifies the premises or structure, its architect and engineer when known, the completion date of its original construction and its status as listed and/or in a Conservation Area.

The text is prepared by the Trust, with expert advice where necessary from the National Railway Museum or other authorities. The coat of arms or heraldic device of the original owning company, or its nearest available equivalent or successor, is reproduced in colour on the plaque.

This plaque is intended to be displayed for an indefinite period.

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The plaques are cast in aluminium, with raised lettering, devices and borders, for concealed fixing. The finish is painted in dark blue BS4800: 20 C 40, with border and lettering in white; devices are produced in the correct heraldic and corporate colours.

The text identifies the principal work carried out and the year in which it was completed. It also acknowledges on behalf of the owner, Network Rail, contributions to the cost of the work from other parties, in the descending order from highest to lowest.

The text is prepared by the Trust and approved by the owner and, where appropriate, the lead train operating company. The coat of arms or heraldic device of the council in whose area the location stands, usually the city or district council, is reproduced in colour on the plaque.

This plaque is intended to be displayed for a limited period only, say three or five years.

Where recognition is considered suitable, but no Circular Plaque is included, consideration is being given to the use of a smaller diagonal square plaque without logos, as a means of recognising the works carried out at certain locations.

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Further information may be obtained from:

Company Secretary Railway Heritage Trust Tel: 020 7904 7328